Hi and welcome to the Toolbox.

Knutson smaller crop.jpg I am attorney, presently in private practice, but I was a Compliance Officer before it was "cool". For almost fourteen years it was my honor to work in compliance and ethics at three different organizations. (More resume details at LinkedIn if you really want to know which ones.)

In all those roles I got many of my best ideas from looking at how others approached similar issues and problems. I have learned more from colleagues in this field than I will ever be able to acknowledge. And I would have loved to have had this site when I was starting out.

So that's what this wiki is all about - an attempt to make the same type of idea generation easier for you and others trying to support the ethical culture and / or compliance with external requirements at an organization.

Communities of practice can be a powerful learning tool and wikis are a great model for knowledge management. If you are interested in creating a wiki for your organization, I'd be happy to share my experiences and lessons learned. Please feel free to email me.

Martha (Marty ) Knutson, JD, CHC