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One good way to learn about any profession is to talk to those who have walked the path before you and hear their thoughts on its rewards and challenges. Reviewing actual job descriptions can also be helpful. And reading some of the debate over the still evolving Ethics / Compliance role may prove enlightening as well.

Wisdom from current and former Compliance and/or Ethics Officers:

  • Former SVP and Chief Compliance Officer of a large for profit hospital chain, Audrey Andrews, Tenet

  • Benedict Barnes, Deputy Compliance Officer for a financial services firm (2011)(video)

  • The twitter feed of former Group Compliance Officer at a for profit company, Donna Boehme, BP plc

  • A healthcare Director of Compliance , Karen Boyle, US Physical Therapy (2011) (video)

  • A former government compliance officer, Frederick Blumenschein, FDA

  • Government Programs Compliance Officer for BC BS of SC, Cindy Cooper

  • The first VP of Ethics in a for profit company, John Copeland, Tyson Foods

  • A former VP / Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at a medical device company, Kathy DiGiorno, Medtronic (video)

  • A former Chief Ethics Officer, Kathleen Edmond, Best Buy

  • The Compliance Officer for a Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, Jonathan Field

  • A Day In the Life of A Compliance Officer - Morven Grierson

  • A former Chief Compliance Officer at two different for profit companies, Pat Gnazzos, United Technologies and CA Inc. (2 videos)

  • "Brief Confessions of an Ex-Compliance Officer", Marty Herbert ,Wolters Kluwer (2012)

  • Global Director of Ethics, Emauel Lulin, L'Oreal

  • Chief Compliance Officer for a University Medical System, Laura Callahan Mezzan, Johns Hopkins

  • A local ethics officer for Jacksonville Florida, Carla Miller

  • University of California Davis CCO, Teresa Porter, describes her job to her organization.

  • SNC-Lavalin's CCO, Andreas Pohlmann, talks about his role as a "trusted advisor"

  • Former Prosecutor, Former IG turned Chief Integrity Officer for a government agency, James Sheehan (2012) (video)

  • Compliance and Ethics Officer for Consolidated Edison, Kimberly Strong, talks about communicating across a large organization (2014)(video)

  • Nokia's Global Ethics Officer, Rob Weisberg (video)

  • Compliance Officer for Eastern Michigan University's Athletics Department, Melody Reifel Werner

  • The University of Toledo has an ADA Compliance Officer, Wendy Wilitala, and a Chief Compliance Officer, David Cutri (video)

  • SVP and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of a large hospital chain, Alan Yuspeh, HCA

  • News Corp's Chief Compliance Officer, Gerson Zweifach

  • Compliance Officer: Stress, Sanity and Sensibility (Panel of CECOS 2012) (video)

Compliance and Ethics Jobs Described

To browse a collection of actual C&E job descriptions, click here.

Opinions About the Role from Academia, Industry and Gatherings of the Interested:

If you are currently searching for a position or want to see the types of roles that become available, check out Compliance Opportunities (Sources of job listings)

Learning the Profession

As is evidenced by the comments linked above, many of those currently in compliance officer / professional roles gravitated into the field from another area – law, internal audit, administration, law enforcement, even clinical work. But more and more frequently it seems employers are looking for a “certification” or other external validation of their compliance professional’s competence. And there are a number of programs, with widely varying formats, prices and prerequisites, that have been developed to fit that demand.

Certifying Organizations

Also there are a number of organizations offering “Certifications” related to Compliance:

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