There's a lot more humor about compliance and ethics efforts out there than you might think. (Just put "humor" and "compliance" into Google and then look at the "images" section...Or take a listen to "The Compliance Blues")

But there are also C&E professionals using humor to do their jobs and get across their points. A humorous mascot, like the one pictured LCOwl.pnghere might help with "branding" efforts. Some in Compliance use self directed humor to lighten their image as rule enforcers. Humor in training can also make it more memorable and / or "break the ice" when talking about a difficult topic. Here's an example of the latter from the "Great Communicator".

Training with humor

Lockheed's "Ethics Challenge" game, for example, used the Dilbert and Dogbert characters to promote engagement. (The effectiveness of the game has been studied in academia -see Training for Compliance). Cisco developed an interactive training program based on an "Idol" format that allows employees to "vote" on a series of animated ethics scenarios. The now bankrupt Bearing Point used a doppelganger company - Aggrieva - and "Office" like video scenarios to illustrate policy points and CA Technologies has used humor to illustrate various Conflict of Interest scenarios.

With the help of "Law and Order" and some of its student athletes Iowa State taught other students about NCAA rules and distributed the results via YouTube. Learn more (and hang on for the outtakes at the end) See also from ISU -“Free Lucca” (video). And Eastern Michigan University has given a lot of thought to its use of cartoons in its NCAA compliance efforts.

In 2012 Weokie Credit Union used humor - and a wide variety of participants - to address an audit finding about member privacy.

Humor about Compliance and Ethics

LSU also takes a humorous approach with a video series featuring its Compliance Officer - aka "The Most Compliant Man in the World" - and another featuring "Super Compliance Guy, while the University of Utah has a Compliance Guardian Angel. And Mississippi State ties the "bottom line" to its program with a light touch. Duke Compliance also uses fun and its athletes to make points about compliance

And then there's the approach of B Braun, an medical equipment company, to getting the attention of its trainees - a musical cautionary tale (speakers essential) Braun's 2011 Compliance Video - "Call Your Next Witness" may also end up in the Compliance humor hall of fame (n.b. the judge is played by the Chief Compliance Officer). Here's what looks like an unofficial video of Braun's 2013 effort - Being in Compliance Ain't Like Being In Love.

Last, but certainly not least, there was the 2011 competition to find the "Funniest Compliance Officer

Cathy Moore started a great discussion on her blog about Using Humor in Training

Compliance Humor Resources on the Web (most of the following are in video format):

Keeping a Sense of Humor with Compliance (click on the picture)
Keeping a Sense of Humor with Compliance (click on the picture)

Humorous ads for products and services related to Compliance

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