"Who says ethics can’t be fun?”

That was the challenge to one organization as it started to celebrate “Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week” in May 2012.

Two national organizations – HCCA and SCCE – promote setting aside the first full week in May of each year for communication and awareness activities about the compliance effort. Other organizations advocate other times for holding an “Ethics Day” or week and some organizations choose other weeks based on other organizational priorities / activities.

How Much Fun Is Enough?

Some organizations have a robust agenda of activities for their week, like this health plan:

"National Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week 2012
“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” ~ Mark Twain
This year, UPMC Insurance Services Division joins corporations throughout the United States May 7 through 11 to observe National Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. The Insurance Services Corporate Compliance Department will mark the week by sponsoring the following events:
  • Ethics Training: Good People, Bad Choices – The training will take place on Tuesday, May 8, from 10 to 11 a.m. It will provide staff with the information they need to understand the core concepts of UPMC Insurance Services Division, identify staff responsibilities, and learn the principles of ethical decision making. Registration is available on uLearn in My Hub.
  • Compliance Scholars Program – This self-guided series of recorded training modules focuses on the five major elements of the Corporate Compliance Program. The training modules are available for staff to access from May 7 to July 31, 2012. On completion of all modules, staff members will be deemed “Compliance Scholars” and receive recognition. Registration is available on uLearn in My Hub.
  • Compliance Program Survey – A survey will be sent to staff members to gather feedback on the current UPMC Insurance Service Division Compliance Program.
  • Policy and Procedure Subcommittee Recognition Event – This group of staff members will celebrate their achievements throughout the year during Compliance & Ethics Week.
Compliance & Ethics Week gives us the perfect chance to remind ourselves why compliance and ethics are so important to the success of our organization! "

Other organizations had more limited celebrations – or none.

Strategies for Celebration

Compliance and/or ethics celebration strategies have included::

  • Awards / Prizes (individuals, areas)

  • Contests (“Use the Code – Win a Bear”, Ethics Bowl, Jeopardy)

  • Games / Puzzles / Trivia / “scramlets” / Sudoku / Cross-word puzzles/ crytograms

  • Give aways – tee shirts, tote bags, water bottles

  • a Gubernatorial Proclamation

  • Handouts / Flyers / “Fact Sheets”

  • Internal / External Press Releases

  • Kickoff of a new training program

  • Quizs / “Quizlettes”

  • Open House (food! door prizes!)

  • Posters

  • Recycling Event

  • Scenario discussions led by Leaders / teachers

  • Speakers - famous, faculty, compliance office staff, missteppers, community members

  • Surveying for feedback on the Compliance function / Ethics Awareness

  • Webinars on C&E topics

A few of these activities were crafted around the suggested national theme of the year (e.g. “Think Compliance First”); others modified that theme ( “Think Integrity First”) or picked their own (“Creating an Ethical World View”, “It’s A Fine Line”). Most had no particular theme.

Some organizations promote their activities with social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin ), video or a separate webpage. Some are still spreading the word via posters and email.

2014 plans and celebrations:

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