There are at least two intersections between social media and compliance & ethics.

First, there are compliance concerns with uses of social media by various individuals – employers during the hiring and retention processes, securities and other professionals communicating their advice, those entrusted with private or privileged information. There is a growing list of regulations, voluntary guidelines and opinions about these uses which seems likely to only grow in the years ahead.

Second, there is the potential of using social media to promote compliance and ethics within an organization or even a broader sphere. Two national compliance organizations, SCCE and HCCA, have a Social Media Manager. Some would say that this wiki is a social media effort. But there are also companies using social media as an integral part of their mission. Every day there are conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter... Is your compliance and ethics message part of this conversation?

It seems impossible to consider one aspect without the other. So what you will find linked to this page are some thoughts and a fair number of resources related to both of these aspects as Compliance and Ethics meets Social Media.

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