Blogging is a way to communicate ideas, share resources, and solicit feedback. It may also be a way to promote other services. But can blogging create compliance or ethics? The sometimes illusive promise about blogs is the possibility of creating a conversation - if your organization is ready for it - about the role of ethics in its operations.

Below is a collection of current blogs with content primarily directed at compliance or ethics. (There’s nothing sadder than a dead blog) If you know of others with content worth sharing – just join the toolbox and you can add a link below.

And here are some words of wisdomabout your audience if you decide to start blogging about compliance.

Blogs by Compliance Officers

  • Ryan Chisum, of Indiana University, wrote its Compliance Blog.

  • Doug Cornelius, Chief Compliance Officer at Beacon Capital Partners, writes about compliance and business ethics at Compliance Building.

  • Kathleen Edmond , former Chief Ethics Officer at Best Buy, blogged as part of the company’s work on transparency at Here's a blog post about that work.

  • James Infante, former assistant director of compliance at Loyola Marymount University, attempts to throw light into the “black box” of NCAA compliance in Bylaw Blog

Government Sponsored Compliance Blogs

(There are lots of government blogs – e.g. “Pushing the Envelope” by the USPS OIG )

More general government blogs also have occasional compliance related topics, for example:

Blogs related to other Compliance Publications / Services