Booklets, wallet cards, posters and training DVDs used to raise awareness of the Sony Group Code of Conduct and the internal hotline system - click here to learn more

Magnets, posters, press releases, games, pens, calendars, Web sites, window clings, contests, emails, videos, wheels of fortune, table tents, twitter accounts, newsletters, even mascots –

They are all tools in pursuit of the same elusive goal - awareness – of the compliance program’s existence, of the “Code”, of the organization’s commitment to Compliance, Ethics or both.

Whether they work and to what degree is probably less a factor of what tool the Compliance Officer chooses than how well and how frequently he or she deploys it. As so often, there’s much to be learned from the awareness activities of others, so here are some examples.

Posters / Cards / Brochures / Badges

  • The US Office of Government Ethics has developed a series of memorable downloadable posters on various issues.

  • The State of Connecticut makes its ethics posters available online.

  • The Compliance program at one NY medical center has an online form for its clients to order posters, tables tents and "badge buddies" about compliance and HIPAA.

  • Hotline posters / flyers: to highlight its Hotline Pepsico makes its "Speak Up" poster downloadable, as does the University of Nebraska Medical Center its Reporting poster and St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital its “Compliance Awareness” poster.

  • Here's the brochure for Northrop Grumman's "Openline"

  • Eisai Co. Ltd. distributes cards with resource information and a three question "Compliance Test" for self-examination.

  • Flowserve staged an internal ad "campaign" about ethics and integrity

  • Jesse Trice Community Health Center made its poster available in Spanish, Creole and English

  • Mitsubishi Electric uses posters and brochures to ensure "Employees Are Aware of Our Compliance Policy"

  • Penn State created a downloadable poster to highlight its Ethics and Compliance Hotline

  • Smokey Mountain Center has a downloadable Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Hotline Poster

  • SOFTBANK group's awareness strategy includes a variety of posters with slogans suggested by group officers and employees.

  • Southern Illinois University used a poster to advertise its mandatory online ethics training in 2011.

  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center has both a brochure and a poster about its Compliance Line "available to everyone"

  • The University of Georgia has a poster describing its Ethics and Compliance Reporting System

  • The University of Michigan Compliance office has "badges" that other University websites can embed to publicize the Compliance effort as well as a downloadable poster.

  • UT Compliance Services at Austin emphasizes reporting "wrongdoing" with its poster.

  • UT at Brownsville uses a poster to remind its community to "Speak Up"

  • Western Illinois University has a Compliance and Privacy Awareness Webpage because "the world is not a problem: the problem is your unawareness."

Puzzles, Games, Contests, etc.


Some of the links below are for relatively recent materials; in other cases the newsletter appears to be an abandoned strategy from years gone by….


  • Rite Aid uses Herb to describe the "Rite" things to do.

  • Goodyear AZ has Cowboy Codey

The Enforcer

  • San Antonio’s Code Compliance folks have "The Enforcer " (pictured here) ; he and his sidekick "Code-E" also starred in an activity book for children.

  • The University of Arkansas for Medical Services HIPAA office has Harley - a HIPPO with a nice fashion sense.

  • The University of California at Riverside has the Compliance Bear (video)

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